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EnviroScreening Lab BioDegradability Index


The EnviroScreening Lab BioDegradability Index™ was born out of a need to help the consumer define the word "green" when determining which chemicals to use for general purpose cleaning. A protocol for testing products was established and is verified by two independent laboratories to insure consistency and legitimacy.

EnviroScreening Lab BioDegradability Index"Biodegradable" is defined as a substance capable of being broken down especially into innocuous products by the action of living things (as microorganisms). When a eco-friendly chemistry is biodegradable it means that the chemistry will revert back to nature. The more quickly that process occurs, the more biodegradable the chemistry.

In regards to this index, a biodegradability number, through a specific testing protocol, is assigned to a specific chemistry indicating that chemistry’s ability to become inert. The numbering number is a relative scale so that the higher the number, the more quickly a chemistry will degrade, the more eco-friendly that product and, thus, the more green. The number 10 has been assigned to the most biodegradable chemistry and the number 1 for the least biodegradable, possibly not biodegradable at all.

A product may be submitted to EnviroScreening Lab for testing through its BioDegradability Index protocol by contacting testing@enviroscreening.com or by calling 888.445.8005


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